The 3rd International Conference of Long Term Care - Georgia State University

March 14, 2017

One of the speakers, a professor from Georgia State University, who attended the conference in Portugal 2015, invited me to speak at the conference in March 2016 in Atlanta Georgia. There was a large contingent from China and I translated my presentation notes, power point and business cards to Mandarin. This was an exciting conference on many levels for me. Again the realization of people, countries and languages far apart all have similar questions, concerns, planning, executing and financial hurdles. It was here in Atlanta Georgia, my team and I really started to embrace the notion we had something unique and we wanted to participate in more projects on the world stage!

Since that conference 1 year ago, I have kept in contact with the University professors and Chinese delegates. By invitation, I will be spending a few months in late 2017 - 2018  working in China. Exciting times ahead.