ERT and 2169 Pandosy

April 28, 2017

Commuters on Pandosy Street may have noticed some serious-looking police action this morning. But, there's no need for concern – it was only a drill.

The RCMP's Southeast District Emergency Response Team held training exercises at two homes near Kelowna General Hospital that are set to be torn down.

The ERT officers, similar to SWAT teams in the United States, were practising entering buildings in emergency situations in full combat gear with dog teams as well.

Since the houses were planned for demolition, they didn't need to be concerned about damage in the intense training session.

The action drew curious onlookers.

Members spent the day conducting strategic manoeuvres at 2169 and 2159 Pandosy St. and thanked the property owner, Alana Marrington of 2169Pandosy.com, for allowing them to practise on site.

Once the homes are demolished, a new four-storey mixed-use development will be built on the property, that offers condominiums and medically related retail and office services.

Safe to say 2169 Pandosy Street (Yellow door ) is NOT going to be our sales centre! We will open our sales centre very soon !